Brad's Vision and Ideas

Brad has a plan to make Port Coquitlam an even better place to call home by building on our city’s strengths; taking action on the challenges we face; focusing on affordability and livability; and never forgetting who the city should be working for: you.



  • Make Port Coquitlam the best place in BC to raise a family by prioritizing affordability, enhancing community safety, supporting sports and recreation opportunities and implementing family-friendly policies.
  • Respect taxpayers through responsible financial decisions that maximizes efficiencies, targets waste, prioritizes spending on key city services and holds the line on taxes.
  • Attract more and diverse businesses and amenities to Port Coquitlam, especially our downtown.

  • Livability that maintains the small town charm of Port Coquitlam, supports a range of housing choices that complements our neighbourhoods and tackles traffic congestion.

  • Enhance the natural beauty of our community by protecting our rivers, parks, and green spaces.

  • Develop high-quality, family-supporting employment by making Port Coquitlam the easiest place in the Lower Mainland to start a business and create jobs.