Dear Port Coquitlam Resident,

I am proud to be a life-long resident of Port Coquitlam and have been honoured to serve our community as a City Councillor for the past 10 years.

I ran for City Council because I love Port Coquitlam and wanted to bring new energy and ideas to ensure our city continues to be an amazing place to live and raise a family.

During my three terms, I’ve been a leader on City Council by actively listening to the concerns of residents, bringing forward common sense solutions and never being afraid to speak up for our people. And most of all, I have never forgotten who I work for: you.

Now as our city prepares to elect a new Mayor, I am stepping forward because I believe I have the leadership skills, ideas, experience and energy to build on our city’s strengths; take action on the challenges we face; and make Port Coquitlam an even better place to call home.

But this campaign isn’t just about me running for Mayor, it’s about us: our people, our community and our future.

The work of the Mayor and City Council is, and always should be, about representing the people. That’s why I want to hear directly from you. What do you love about PoCo? What would you change? What do you want to see from our next Mayor?

I’m not only asking for your vote, I am asking for your thoughts, ideas and input as we work together to build a community all of us can be proud of.

Best regards,

Brad West